A. Founding member. A member who helped founding the union and who has been in continuous good standing of the Local for at least one (1) year. Such membership entitles the member to serve on Local union committees, participate in Local union meetings, run for Local union office or entitled to vote at Local meetings or in Local officer elections or on agreements that apply to representation units.

B.Regular Member. A regular member, or a member in good standing, is a person eligible for membership and who has voluntarily signed a union application for membership and paid the current dues obligation, except where such dues obligation is waived by the provisions of these Constitution and Bylaws.

C. Associate Member. Any person not eligible for regular membership, who shares the goals of the union, may become an Associate Member subject to Executive Board approval. Such membership entitles the member to serve on local wide committees and participate in local branch meetings. Associate members are not eligible to run for local office or entitled to vote at union meetings or in local officer elections or on agreements that apply to representation units.


  1. Any person employed in any employment over which this International Union claims or exercises jurisdiction shall be eligible to be considered for membership in the International Union, a local branch, organizing committee, provisional local, or other authorized body of this organization. A local Union may adopt additional membership requirements in the Union’s Constitution and Bylaws. Jurisdiction may also be construed as including service within a Local branch or affiliated body of the International Union but each Local branch shall have the option to determine whether a person with such service may be eligible for membership. The International Executive Board may set eligibility requirements and other criteria (including rates of dues) for associate members, and other special categories of membership in the International or in affiliated bodies established in accordance with this Constitution.
  2. Self-employed individuals doing work within the jurisdiction of this International Union may be eligible for membership in Local branches, subject to any additional requirements provided for in a Local branch’s Constitution and Bylaws. The International President shall have the right to make all necessary rules and regulations respecting self-employed workers, under the jurisdiction of this International Union.
  3. Persons having supervisory power shall be eligible for membership subject to the terms established by the International Executive Board.
  4. No person shall be eligible for membership, or for nomination or election or appointment to, or to hold any office, or position, or to serve on any Committee in the International Union or a Local branch or to serve as a delegate who is a consistent supporter of, or who actively participates in, the activities of any hate based-racist, terrorist, or other organization which advocates violence to affect government policy or to oppose the principles to which the United Nations and our Union are dedicated. This eligibility requirement shall be in addition to any other eligibility requirement imposed by any other Article or Section of this Constitution.
  5. Any dispute respecting eligibility for membership shall be decided by the International President, with the Local branch or the applicant having a right to appeal his or her decision to the International Executive Board, in writing, within 10 days after notice of said decision is received.